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Joint Ontario Business Sector (JOBS) Coalition

JOBS is a coalition of like-minded groups who share a common interest in the possible reforms to the Municipal Act, the City of Toronto Act, the City of Ottawa Act, and related discussions sometimes characterized as a "new deal for cities". On Nov. 14, 2005, the Joint Ontario-Toronto Government Task Force recommended more taxing and regulatory powers be given to the City of Toronto. The proposed reforms are also being advanced by the City of Ottawa and other municipalities.

The JOBS Coalition supports the building of fiscally healthy municipalities.
However, the Joint Task Force (JTF) has not investigated - much less quantified - the claim that the City of Toronto needs additional revenue to address any fiscal challenges. We believe it is necessary first to determine whether the alleged fiscal shortfall is real, and then to explore alternatives to increased revenue, e.g., fewer responsibilities, before any governments are given new taxing powers.

JOBS Alternative: Realignment of Responsibilities
The JTF proposals should be re-evaluated and reconsidered in order to address the true fiscal needs of all municipalities. The provincial government should conduct a review of service realignment to determine which level of government is best suited to fund and deliver which services.

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The members of JOBS Coalition are:
   BOMA - Greater Toronto
   BOMA Ottawa
   Canadian Federation of Independent Business
   Canadian Taxpayers Federation
   Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization
   Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario
   Greater Toronto Apartment Association
   Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association
   London Home Builders' Association
   Ontario Accommodation Association
   Ontario Home Builders' Association
   Ottawa Carleton Home Builders Association
   Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
   Real Property Association of Canada
   Toronto Automobile Dealers' Association
   Toronto Office Coalition
   Tourism Federation of Ontario
   Urban Development Institute/Ontario
Excel Builders

To contact JOBS, call Stefania Badea at 416-222-8022.
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